consorzio agrario perugia consorzio agrario perugia consorzio agrario perugia
consorzio agrario perugia consorzio agrario perugia consorzio agrario perugia
consorzio agrario perugia
Extra virgin olive oil
Evo quality parameters

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EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is a healthy dressing, resulting from a perfectly preserved fruit.
Only oil that is obtained by mechanical processes and only if well done, is able to ensure a real nourishment for our system.

EVO is a necessary aliment, full of natural antioxidant substances, supplements to a healthy diet. As such, being an undisputed protagonist, it plays a modern and leading role in the diets.

EVO is a member of the energy foods’ family. Among these there are butter, lard, seed oil and margarine, which all are identified as fats and oils. They supply a high number of calories (nine per gram, compared to four calories per gram supplied by proteins and carbohydrates) and so they are important as an energetic source for our system. As such, fats and oils are a necessary part of our daily diet as they are indispensable for using liposoluble vitamins: they enter in the phospholipid’s composition of the cell membranes, in the hormones’ structure, and impart desirability to the food.

Among the fats and oils, EVO is the preferred dressing. In fact, for the same calories, it is the best antioxidant aliment, a real natural trap for the killers of our system.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s importance is understated.
Its main properties can be summarized this way:

- It is the richest oil in regard to antioxidant and liposoluble vitamins.
- It contains optimal quantities of essential fatty acids.
- It is the less rich oil in regard to cholesterol.
- It is the most digestible.
- It slows down the cell aging process.
- It facilitates brain development.
- It has antithrombus effects.

Thanks to these prerogatives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, used raw, to cook or to fry, represents a real elixir of life.

EVO is an absolutely natural food-dressing -- pleasant and nourishing. It supplies fragrance and flavour to foods, exerting a strong and healthy desirability. Food science has always acknowledged that it the most balanced and suitable composition of fatty acids for nutritional and dietetic purposes.
Moreover, it is a rich antioxidant and an important provider of vitamins, useful against the aging of our tissues: vitamin E, for example, thwarts free radicals.

EVO is a suitable aliment at every age: it is very helpful for young people who always try to be tonic and in good form. EVO is also basic for children and elderly persons, because it minimizes the bone calcium loss and it is really digestible, helps the hepatic and intestinal activities.

EVO also facilitates the absorption of basic substances for growth, indicative that its components are most similar to the breast milk.

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